Sofia Bolt "London 2009" Video & Pre-Order Info

“London 2009” by Sofia Bolt is featured on Waves out June 28 on Loantaka Records
Pre-order limited edition vinyl > Here <

Director/Cinematographer: Christina Acevedo
Art Direction: Geneva Jacuzzi
Concept: Amélie Rousseaux
Masked Figures: Scott Cornish, Emily Elhaj, Bryant Fox, Kyle Patrick Roberts, Paige Wentling, Jude Zasadzki
All masks made by Christina Acevedo

Special thanks to Nick Fisher and El Prado

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We have a grip of Grid City cassettes left and we felt a reminder was in order. This compilation is thick! Tune in to the player below for a taster featuring Quarter Mile Thunder.

”Rolling Two”
Written by Ben Clarke 

Ben Clarke - Vox and Guitar 
Jim Duffy - Drums 
Jason Eckerson - Bass 
Jim Becker - Fiddle 
Josh Dumas - Vibes