Conrad Clipper "Cycle of Liminal Rites" Due Early 2016

Love Lion is proud to announce our next release by Conrad Clipper. Cycle of Liminal Rites is due out early 2016. 

Conrad Clipper is the pseudonym of an anonymous 33 year-old composer and multi-instrumentalist. He lives and records in Berlin, London and the French Alps. 

His first record, Cycle of Liminal Rites, has taken two and a half years to make and it features the generous contributions of Emma Gatrill and Daniel Green (Willkommen Records), Benjamin Gregory (Grip Tight) and Yan Fabre (J.A) with all parts written, arranged and produced by Conrad Clipper. 

Conrad works with upright and prepared piano, a multitude of tape recorders, and layers of re-amping that took place in an abandoned mental asylum. He is an entirely self-taught musician and cannot read or write music, instead scoring parts for others using a basic system based on color prisms. He explains:

“The record is my attempt to make peace with the people that I have lost. I struggled with my own psychoses and aethers, and this record really was the only way I could make sense of the world. 

I’m trying to give something to the people that I still have. I’m preoccupied with questions of time passing, of memories decaying, and of the intangible strings left behind that connect us still.”