John Bellows 'Fly' Video

John Bellows (aka John Wheatley) is a staple of the Chicago music scene(s). Pleasantly unclassifiable, Grid City would not be a Chicago compilation without him. Though now located in Washington state, he makes the journey back to the fertile grounds of Illinois to collaborate and play. This song, along with 19 others, will be featured on our forthcoming release.

Fly was shot on San Juan Island in Washington and was directed & edited by Jerzy Rose. The song yields contributions by Glenn Hendrick (flute, violin, vox), Sara Condo (omnichord), and Gavin Goodrich (piano). Mastered by Nicholas Wilbur at The Unknown, Anacortes, WA.

Other credits include video crew Halle Butler and actors John Bellows, Glenn Hendrick, and Sara Condo.