Remaining copies of Implodes 'Reverser' 12"

Originally released on Gilead Media, we have a few copies of the 2015 EP Reverser by Chicago's Implodes. Black and color (while supplies last) vinyl are available. 

"... a masterful new album that seamlessly fuses folk, black metal, psychedelia, shoegaze and POPUL VUH. Like a blurred half-remembered dream, 'Reverser' will haunt your waking hours. The music is warm and lush with a hint of melancholy and occasionally blasts of fuzz that veer toward MY BLOODY VALENTINE. Features members of SLINT (live band), ANGEL OLSEN band, MAYOR DALEY and solo artist KEN CAMDEN." - Reckless Records

Following their two full-length releases with Kranky Records, Black Earth (2011) and Recurring Dream (2013), Reverser is presented as a 45 rpm 12″ + download. The album was mastered by Chicago Mastering service and pressed by Gotta Groove Records in Cleveland, OH.

Reverser is limited to 375 copies on black, opaque purple/pink blend, and transparent yellow-gold vinyl. 
$15 + shipping
send orders to emily at reckless dot com.